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Sidings Autumn 2017 Issue

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Radcliffe Disused Stations Canal and Railways Today
Black Lane
The Liverpool Bury railway was incorporated by an act of parliament in 1845 to build a railway from Liverpool to Bury via Wigan and Bolton. In 1846 the railway was amalgamated with the Manchester Leeds Railway, which in turn became one of the constituent companies of the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway in 1847. The line opened in 1848 and closed in 1970. Black lane was on this line.
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View Looking east towards Bury.
Stainforth and Keadby Canal
This canal is interesting as it interacts with the railway at various points along its route. Boaters operate the various bridges but have to work in conjunction with the signalmen as the bridges can only be opened if the railway crossing gates are also closed due to the close proximity of the canal to the railway.
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Keadby Junction Signal box with Sliding Bridge open to canal Traffic. The bridge is too low for a Narrowboat to pass under. You have to moor up and await the signalman to open the bridge for you.
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Black Lane signal box was set high above the railway to give the signalman a view of the line towards Bury. The road bridge carries Ainsworth Road over the railway.
{short description of image}Photo showing the mechanism that the bridge slides along. EWS 66250 66054 double heading towards Doncaster
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Black lane station looking towards Bradley fold and Bolton. The train in the photo is a Bolton to Rochdale service 1963. The tall signal box that was located on the other side of the road bridge has been demolished. The works behind the locomotive is Whittaker Halls one of the main employers in this area.

{short description of image}Medge Hall Signal Box. The canal is just to the left of the photo again this is another of those bridges where you have to wait for the crossing gates to be shut to road traffic before you can open the canal road bridge. The signal box appears to have a nice lean on it. Prototype for everything if you look hard enough.
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Black lane station in 1965 showing the exodus of people from Radcliffe during the traditional wakes week. Usually to the Lancashire seaside resorts of Blackpool, Southport and Morecombe. The traditional wakes week was the last week in June and The first week in July. There was also a week in September.

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Godnow Swing Bridge with the signal box controlling the crossing gates is the small building on the far bank. Again to open the canal bridge you have to wait for the level crossing gates on the railway to be closed to road traffic.

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