We wish all our visitors a very happy Christmas and a joyful New Year

Heywood Model Railway Group


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Secretary Roger Bottomley
Exhibition Manager Steven Smith
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Assistant Secretary Chris Howarth
Committee Member John Roebuck
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Welcome to our News Page

Christmas is almost here again! It hardly seems that long ago that we were gearing up for the last one.

Our next Open Day will be on the 13th January 2018. Its free to enter and you can bring any stock you want to run on any of our large layouts. We have N gauge to G scale layouts and can accommodate either analogue or DCC fitted stock in any of the scales mentioned.
There are also light snacks and drinks available at a very modest cost along with a variety of second hand locos, rolling stock and scenic items. Even if you have no stock to bring come along anyway and you can always run some of the clubs own items on our layouts.

The November open day went off brilliantly with a lot of new faces seen coming through the door as well as many of the regular visitors. Overall numbers were higher than we have seen over recent Months and everyone seemed to enjoy their visit to our club room.

Early in November we took our G scale Christmas layout to Rochdale Town Hall and set it up in the entrance lobby. Somehow we seem to have lost the Santa that used to ride in the coach behind the loco. He was there when we were testing the layout in October at the club. (Santa has now been found hiding under a bridge on O gauge Wrye. He will be put back in his coach at the town hall soon)

xmas layout
The Christmas layout installed at the town Hall

Sumner Brook now has all of its point motors at the scenic section replaced and programmed with the Megapoints Servo versions. It has been necessary to install individual cables for these as the original installation shared the same cables as the track circuits. The result was that under some conditions the points were doing a dance that could only have been caused by induction into the control board switch inputs. Using separate cables has cured this problem.

Timber for the office ceiling has now arrived and work is ongoing to create a much lower ceiling than the existing one resulting in a more comfortable room that can be kept much warmer than is possible at the moment.
We are also gradually replacing the old 8ft fluorescent lights as they fail with new 6ft ones. These are actually brighter and more efficient than the larger old style lights. The small circular light that was used to find your way out once all the main ones are switched off has also been replaced with a much brighter 5ft one that provides much more light and makes it a lot safer to negotiate your way to the exit at night.

The club purchased a new lathe last Month which is much better than the existing one that was donated to us a few Months ago . Especially as it came with all the tools needed along with a great many other items such as taps and dies.

All of the points on Heybury our large O gauge layout have now been installed and are working. The next moves with this model are to continue with the scenery and to start the process of linking it up to our other O gauge layout Wrye that can then be used as a branch line off Heybury.

Update. The new ceiling in the office has been completed and the difference it has made is just incredible. We realized just how much cold air was getting into the office when we reached the stage where everything was installed apart from the small maintenance hatch. At this stage all the cold air was concentrated to the one spot just 18 inches square and it felt as if a freezer door had been opened.

If you are not a member of the club and want to join and get involved with the building and upkeep of our layouts or just to run your own stock on one of the models then drop an email to any of the committee listed above or just call in and see us on a Monday night from 18:00 to 22:00, or a Wednesday during the day between 10:00 and 14:00 where you will be made most welcome.
See the how to find us page for instructions on getting to our existing premises.

John Essex
Webmaster Heywood Model Railway Group.

This page updated 10th December 2017