Heywood Model Railway Group


Chairman John Essex
Treasurer Brian Amis
Secretary Roger Bottomley
Exhibition Manager Steven Smith
Publicity Manager David Saxon
Assistant Secretary Vacant
Committee Member John Roebuck
Committee Member Mark Towers

Welcome to our News Page

It is with regret that Our Assistant Secretary Henry Stahr has had to leave us. Henry is finding it increasingly difficult to attend the club due to other home pressures. If things alter in the future Henry then you will always be welcome to return.
This leaves the Assistant Secretary post open and if any members think they would like to take on the roll then contact any committee member.

Our next Open Day will be on the 11th November. Its free to enter and you can bring any stock you want to run on any of our large layouts. We have N gauge to G scale layouts and can accommodate either analogue or DCC fitted stock in any of the scales mentioned.
There are also light snacks and drinks available at a very modest cost along with a variety of second hand locos, rolling stock and scenic items. Even if you have no stock to bring come along anyway and you can always run some of the clubs own items on our layouts.
Chris Barker from Todmorden Model Supplies will also be attending this Month so you can stock up on modelling tools etc.

You may have noticed that the "Sidings" a news page on railway related items is back. This was a regular feature some time ago and was put together by Graham Bentley who was our exhibition manager many years ago. Graham left the area and was no longer available to attend regularly and the "Sidings" which was a Monthly production ceased to be. Graham has been in contact with me and has agreed to re start the "Sidings" but this time on a quarterly basis. The Autumn issue from Graham is now on line and covers railways near Bury and railways near canals. It can be found by clicking on the button on the home page or by clicking here.

As always, work on our layouts continues to be busy and progress on them is ongoing.
"Sumner Brook" is being tidied up and needs the inner section points completing to get them operational again. All the old fulgarex motors have been removed from the scenic section at the front and servos have been installed to replace them. The cables from the control panel are in and just need connecting to complete the job.

The latest N gauge "Priestly" is making steady progress with more scenery being added. In fact it's time to update the photos for this layout on the webpage and I will get round to that soon.

"Midhey" is running well and we have hopefully cured the problem on the board where the goods shed is located. This was an intermittent issue where the Megapoint controller board would stop working until it had been reprogrammed. This seemed only to happen when the electrical uncouplers were operated and it is thought that the current surge induced a voltage into the controller wires causing it to loose its settings. The controller panel has now been refitted using a separate cable and extensive testing has been carried out to try and make it fail. So far it looks as though the problem has been cured.

"Townley Summit" is being rewired and it is hoped to have this layout operational again in time for our next Open Day.

The rewire on "Warwick Mill" is still ongoing and when completed should make operating and the running of the layout more reliable.

Our large O gauge "Heybury" is running well and looks to be quite reliable now that all the issues with the track and points have been put right. Scenic work continues on this layout with more being added each week.

As it's getting towards Christmas now we will be setting up the G scale layout that we use for Rochdale Town Hall each year and checking that it is in good order for displaying over this years festive season.

If you are not a member of the club and want to join and get involved with the building and upkeep of our layouts or just to run your own stock on one of the models then drop an email to any of the committee listed above or just call in and see us on a Monday night from 18:00 to 22:00, or a Wednesday during the day between 10:00 and 14:00 where you will be made most welcome.
See the how to find us page for instructions on getting to our existing premises.

John Essex
Webmaster Heywood Model Railway Group.

This page updated 17th October 2017