Knapford will eventually become the new "Thomas" layout replacing the existing one that has now done several years service being used at many exhibitions and charity events. The development of this layout will be shown below as it precedes. It is anticipated that completion will not be until after our own 2012 exhibition.

If you would like Knapford to attend your charity event then contact the layout coordinator shown at the foot of this page.

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The initial sections of track laid on the new baseboards.
There will be two main running loops and a straight isolated track at the rear of the layout for an automatic shuttle to run on.
The creator of the layout Steve Richard checking the track for conductivity.
Also in this picture is the station building that will feature on the completed model.
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Further progress with the turn table and "Round House" loco shed in position. Complete with it's Loco stud.
A close up of the turn table and Round House loco shed.
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More progress on the layout with scenery beginning to appear where there was just bare timber a while ago.
The buildings are resin cast and were originally used on the earlier layout.
Another view at the emerging scenery from another angle. This time showing the track that will be used as an automatic shuttle with a loco running back and forth every minute or so.
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More scenic progress with buildings and roads appearing on the layout.
The complete model almost ready for its first exhibition.
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Another view of the layout from slightly further away showing nearly all of the details.
The layout seen at Middleton Arndale shopping centre on the week before our 2013 annual exhibition. Around 200 budding drivers had a go at running one of the trains during the day.
Thomas at middleton Arndale 2013
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Click on the image to the right to start a short video of Knapford at our 2012 open day on 13th October. The video will open in a new window
The coordinator for Knapford is Adrian Edwards.
If you want to have the layout attend your event then email Adrian at

This page updated 4th August 2016