Midhey 00 DCC

Midhey is now well under way with all the trackwork completed and much of the scenery in place. There is still the Loco shed area at the far end to be developed along with more scenic work to complete the front of the model.
There are also uncoupling units to be fitted in strategic places in the sidings so that shunting of goods trains can be done.

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Looking down the whole front of the layout from the station end.
The station buildings were made from scratch using a photograph from the web of the now demolished Helmshore station.
Many thanks to club member Howard Moutray for constructing these.
From the end of the outer platform looking towards the signal box.
A great many more trees are needed on the banking to the right of the railway and it is planned to develop this area into a farm scene.
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Part of the station with the goods depot in the background.
People are now beginning to populate the station. Note the group of children awaiting a train and if you click on the picture to enlarge it you will also see a man with a ladder ready to clean the lamp.
It is minor details like this that so improve models.
The clouds on the backscene were created using an airbrush with just whte and grey acrillic paints.
A view from further back showing more of the station and goods yard.
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Still further back from the station and goods yard with the signal box and sidings in view.
The bay platform at the station where a "Jinty" has arrived to collect the single coach train.
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The view from around the side of the layout with part of the station and goods shed in the picture.
The "flower beds" on the platforms were made with a plywood backing then the sides covered with stone faced plasticard and self adhesive paving stones on the top.
Bushes were then added from flock powder on to which yellow and red flock was added to give the impression of flowers.
.A close up from the front right corner of the layout looking over the platforms with the goods shed on the right of the picture.
Again there has been plenty of detail added here with items like the post box, the telephone kiosk and people standing or sitting.
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The young forest and ponds at the right hand end of the layout.
A "Scout camp" is planned for here complete with burning camp fire.
The scenic work on the loco shed end is now nearing completion and a smoke vent has also been fitted on the hill behind the main running lines tunnel entrance. Note also the biplane flying low over the hillside
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The scout camp has been installed in the young forest along with the flickering camp fire.
Another view of the Loco Shed area this time looking from behind the layout. This clearly shows the turn table which is now working and the coaling tower along with the ash plant behind it.
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Click on the right for a short video of the layout filmed using a Branor camera truck at our club room on the 10th of August 2015.
The video shows a drivers eye view with a run along the scenic section of the model from the tunnel at the engine shed end to the tunnel at the station end.

The video is best viewed at 2 times it native size.

This page updated 30th November 2016