HOe Scale
The name Studelstan is derived from part of the names of the 3 original builders.

Studelstan is a new model being build in the club rooms and as it progresses the pictures will be shown below.
The layout is a mythical small halt on a branch line somewhere on the German Austrian border.
The halt has a passing loop and a siding to a timber yard. There will be a mountain top backscene and a waterfeature in the foreground.
One of the purposes of the model is to demonstrate what can be achieved in a small space and at minimum cost.

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The single board with the basic track laid.
Points are operated by push rods and wiring is kept as simple as possible.
Further progress on the model. Some of the backscene added and a strart made on having the track to the timber yard raised up slightly.
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Page updated 12th June 2013