Wrye "0" Gauge

Breakdown crane on the layout
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10th October 2012. The new end section with the turntable and loco shed is taking shape here with the track laid and the table working.
There is still much to be done to complete this new section of the layout and further progress will be reported here.
A close up view of the new O gauge turntable added to the layout. There will be a 2 road loco shed sited here off the table in the near future.
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A new model built from a Brass Kit by Howard Moutray.
Howard is a keen "N" gauge modeller but he has been bitten by the "0" gauge bug. This is his first model in this gauge but no doubt more will now follow?
With the much larger model size that is produced using "0" gauge you can get down to very fine detail.
This is the "Cab view" of Howards model.
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One of the houses built by Howard Moutray for the extension board on Wrye.
The houses are made of 3/8 th Balsa sheet and Slaters Plasticard.
If it wasn't for the real door seen to the left of the model it could almost be a genuine house !!
The new Station building now completed by Howard Moutray to replace the old existing building. This new one includes illumination which obtains its power from the locating dowels when the building is placed in position on the platform.

Photograph by Howard Moutray
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The new runaround at the station end instead of the cassette based fiddle yard system has made a massive improvement to this model.
It has made the appearance at this end much more attractive and has also improved the operating procedure.
The new signal box constructed by Howard Moutray which has plenty of detail within it. This fine detail incudes the lever frames and even documents on the tables.
It is seen here with temporary wires to show the lighting and has not yet been fixed in position.
The fine detail lever frame that is fitted inside the signal box. Lever frame for the box
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A nicely weathered Stanier 8F 2-8-0 running light engine to the shed and turntable section on Wrye.
This picture was taken while the layout was setup in the club rooms just after it had returned from being exhibited.
In the foreground is 78022 a standard class 2 loco and behind that is a class J39.
Both are waiting in the station ready to depart with coaching stock.
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The same loco's and coaching stock as described above but this time looking from the front.
Click the image on the left to start a video of the layout filmed at the club Room
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Wrye is a 7mm "O" gauge layout based on a fictitious location and depicting a preserved branch line terminus. It is currently 45ft in length and now we have a club room large enough it will either be built into a round and round layout or eventualy replaced with with a new contiuous run layout.

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