Warwick Mill
A new N gauge model is now under construction. it is going to be the replacement for "Triptan Fell" which has been sold after having attended several exhibitions.
This layout was originaly called "Pilsworth" as our club premises were at Heywood Distribution Park which was accessed via Pilsworth Road.
However we were forced to vacate that property when our landlord there went into receivership and we have set up a new club room at Warwick Mill in Middleton.
Hence the change of name for the model which we hope will be a bit longer lasting than the original.!!

The model is progressing well and some of the latest pictures taken at our "Open Day" on October 13th 2012 are below.

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The extreme left hand end of the layout showing the tunnels into the rear fiddle yard, the coaling stage and part of the mill which gives the layout its name.
Still at the left hand end of the layout but now looking towards the station over bridge. Again the coaling stage and the mill are dominant features at this end.
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The Goods shed and the Engine shed seen looking from the station area towards the road and river bridges.
The rail and road bridges over the river which now has plenty of water born traffic.
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The cottages and new bungalows that are at the extreme right hand end of the layout where the lines enter the tunnels to the storage sidings.
Looking from the right hand end of the layout over the two viaducts that carry the railway and the road across the river.
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One of the boards being wired. This picture was taken in the club room on Monday evening the 24th of October 2011
Seen here are Howard and Brian
The layout was on display at our 2012 Open Day.
Great interest was shown by the visiting public and a short video can be seen by clicking on the image to the right.
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Click on the image to the left to see a drivers eye view of the front section of this layout.
The video makes two passes of the front section and with each one an oncoming train is seen.

This page updated 21st November 2012