In February 2017 the club had the opportunity to purchase a complete G scale layout from the G scale society in Altrincham who were replacing their layout with a new one. It was calculated that if we removed the straight sections from the layout ends and just had the round ends then it would fit inside the current large 0 gauge layout. The calculations proved to be correct and the G scale layout is now up and running in our headquarters.
It is available for any club member to use or for visitors on our open days. Some pictures of the layout are below. Because this layout is now a permanent feature at the club rather than having to be put up and then taken down as it used to be in the Altrincham church hall we will very likely add scenery to it instead of having just the bare tracks. Updates will be posted below as this progresses.

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The end of the layout where we have made a lifting hatch to make access to the control panel easier.
The control panel seen here is a temporary one and eventualy we will have all the points controlled from there as well as isolating track sections.

Looking down the long straight with storage sidings available as passing loops.
The same arrangement is also available on the oposite side of the layout.
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Looking the other way up the long straight where it is planned to install a 3rd track. A start has been made here and eventualy more points will be added.

This page updated 15th March 2017