Our past exhibition in March 2003

The 8th and 9th of March saw our Annual Exhibition held in the Holy Cross College sports hall.
It was the culmination of months of hard work by Steve Smith our exhibition Manager and other members of the committee. Much valuable work was also taken on by other members who assisted with the publicity and the production of the program that was handed out as you entered.
The event was a huge succes with glowing feedback from the visitors, many who rated it as one of the best exhibitions they had attended.
Below are some pictures of the layouts that I managed to take on the Sunday when I was trying to find a quiet spell to get good views. These were very few and the event was well attended throughout the 2 days.
Les and Paul Rochwood
Les and Paul spotted me getting the camera ready and posed for the occasion in their new sweat shirts Rochwood being operated by some of the younger club members and being watched by several onlookers
Ecclesford junction Orford Zoo
Ecclesford Junction the layout from Pendle Forest. This layout won two of the prizes at our exhibition. One voted for by the visitors as the best layout, and another by our committee for the best feature. In this case a video camera mounted in the front of a train giving a drivers eye view of the train traversing the layout. Another prize winning layout! This one received the Glendinning Cup which is selected by the widow of Eric Glendinning whom the cup is in memory of.
This layout was a marvel of miniture action and was exhibited under the name of Orford Park Zoological Gardens.
Dolly Hill North Field
Dolly Hill a compact but action filled "N" gauge exibited by Bradford Model railway Society. North Field Modern image layout in "00" gauge
Display Cabinet Rossendale 40D
A new item this year was the "Display Cabinet" made for us by member Chris Hyde. It was showing the work of the groups members in building and customising models. Rossendale 40D or "Dave's Sheds" as it used to be known.
This is a imaginary model of a large engine depot complete with turntable and coaling tower.
Chelthwaite Mills Lorren Magna
Chelthwaite Mills a narrow gauge industrial model on it's second visit to our exhibitions. It won the glendinning cup on its first visit last year. Lauren magna with it's owner Howerd Counsell answering a query from one of the visitors
Quarry Bank Main Line Thomas the Tank Engine
Quarry Bank Main Line a "N" gauge layout with a great amount of scenery. This layout can into the running for one of the prizes but was just beaten by Ecclesford Junction. Thomas the Tank Engine have a go layout. Always a very popular one with the younger visitors to the exhibition.
Thomas had been extended for this year and was always in use throughout the 2 days.
Overall view There were several other layouts at the exhibition but unfortunately I have not managed to photograph them all.
If any photo's taken by other members become available then I will add them to this page. Appologies if your clubs model is not mentioned here but it was impossible to get round them all and more importantly get a good view to photograph.

John Essex Chairman Heywood Model Railway Group
An overall view looking down one half of the hall. This was one of the very few times when we had a lull in the constant chain of visitors coming to the show.

This page updated 15th March 2003