Heywood Trinity Church 2006

A "Mini" Exhibition was held at Heywood Trinty Church on 17th of June 2006, having been invited by the Church to stage the event as a way of increasing local awareness of both the Heywood Model Railway Group and the church itself.
Below are some pictures taken at the exhibition while the hall was still not crowded. Overall it was a very successful event and the church has asked if we can put it in our diary to do the same for 2007, which we will do.
The pictures are taken as seen walking round the exhibition in a clockwise direction then out into the entrance hall where Thomas was located.

"Nodnol" a 00 gauge model showing the potential of DCC (Digital Command Control) which allows realistic sounds and control of individual locomotives anywhere on the layout without the need for isolating sections. Nodnol
Hasselhoff "Hasselhoff" A 00 gauge layout based on a German tramway theme. It is very detailed with many dioramas built into the model. "Hasselhoff" has been to severeral of the groups exhibitions in the past and alway attracts great interest from the visitors.
"Wrye" the 40ft plus 0 gauge model owned by the club. The view shown here is of the latest modification to the model which has seen the replacement of the "Cassette" based fiddle yard with a scenic section instead. This new section now allows locos to run around the train just as it would in the real thing. {short description of image}
Wrye Another view of "Wrye" looking along the length of the model to the fiddle yard at the distant end. This fiddle yard has also seen the replacement of the "Cassette" system with a "Traverser" and run round loop which makes things so much easier when operating the model.
"Penn-y-Fford which is a 7mm scale narrow gauge model model which was inspired by the railways seen in Wales. The view here is looking towards the teminal station from the right hand end of the layout.. Penn-y-Ffordd
Penn-y-Fford Another view of "Penn-y-Ffordd" showing the level crossing just before the "Waterfall" halt.
"Penn-y-Ffordd" is to see some changes to its layout in the future where it will have some additional panels built to make it into a complete circuit giving greater operating potential.
"Just N Case". An ingenious N gauge layout built into a suitcase. Although small in size the model offers a fair amount of train movement. Just "N" Case
Just "N" Case close up A close up of the model "Just N Case" showing how well the scenery blends into the background and the fine detail of this very small model.
"Sumner Brook". Our large 00 gauge "Modern Image" layout. This is the first time that the model has been shipped out of our building to an exhibition, so the event was a good test of its ability to still perform well after being crated and then reassembled. Sumner Brook
Sumner Brook Another view of "Sumner Brook" at the viaduct end of the model. Clearly shown are the canal locks in the foregound and the pylons stretching away to the other end.
"Sumner Brook" has 4 complete loops around the layout so there is plenty of action for the visitors to see.
And finaly "Thomas" the "Hands on" model in 00 gauge which is always a firm favorite with the children who enjoy running one of the locos from the famous Thomas the tank engine series.
This is the latest "Thomas" layout that the group has built to replace the ageing one that had seen many years service. The original was a single track model and the new model has been made with double track all round so allowing two children to run trains at the same time.

This page updated 18th June 2006