Heydale was for a long time the clubs large "N" Gauge layout. It attended several exhibitions both those run by the club and other societies. It had it's last outing at our first Annual Exhibition in Holy Cross College where it was offered for sale. It was subsequently sold as a result of being seen on display at this Exhibition.
The layout had many features with a very nice optical effect that made it look as though the track climbed up hill afer it left the large station area. In fact the main line was perfectly level and it was just the Branch Line that ran down hill but to the eye the main line climbed up. This looked quite impressive with a long heavy train leaving the station with no sign of the loco slipping.
Also used on this layout were the led signals that operated by magnets under a train passing over them. This system is being used on our latest "N" gauge but modified so that they are operated by light which does away with the need for the magnets.

Some pictures of Heydale on its final outing in March 2001
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Looking down the layout from the station area

The village at the right hand end
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The town behind the station

Loco Shed and station. The Branch runs downhill on the right.

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