00 gauge model reconstructed by Mark Towers

The original layout was purchased by John Baker who moved to live in Wales and is now a honorary member of the club.
John decided to donate the layout to Mark who has since rebuilt and renamed it as Bamar.
Bamar is 17 ft long and 2ft wide at the station end
.Bamar has now been sold and a replacement "Bucks Lane" is under construction

The pictures below were taken while the model was on show at Martin Mere Modelling Weekend 26th and 27th of January 2013

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Looking down the layout from the coal siding at the station end.
This is a view of the station platforms with a DMU having just arrived. The station canopy unfortunately was damaged in transporting the model to the exhibition and needs to be rebuilt.
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Looking back from where the main lines go off into the sector plate storage area via a scenic break in the form of a bridge
Another view of the station area with the goods shed visible on the left.
A gronk is seen here doing some shunting.
The point motor visible on the left is normally covered by a building. Yet another casualty of transporting the model to the show.
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Part of the scenic section just before the lines pass under the scenic break into the storage area.
Taken at the Heywood 2013 show Warwick Mill Middleton.
This could almost be real !!
Is it real?
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At the Leyland exhibition August 2013. A view of the station area and a standard 4 ready to depart with a goods train.
Still at the Leyland exhibition August 2013 with the same view but taken to show a wider area and more of the platform.
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Looking in the other direction with the complete platform and the goods shed with its sidings in shot.
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Bamar was sold off after its last exhibition appearence at Leyland in 2013

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