Ethan Halt is a 00 gauge model built by Ethan one of our junior members with much assistance from Steve Richards who showed Ethan the techniques needed to create the layout.
It is in on 2 levels that are independent of each other and allow 2 seperate trains to be run with seperate control over each.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the building of the layout

The initial planning of the layout once the 2 boards have been created
{short description of image}
Tack laying begins

Track laying completed

A start is made on the scenery

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Further progress on adding the scenery

Some colour is added to the scenery

More detail added to bring the model to life

Another view of the added scenic detail

The industrial scene at the left hand end

The completed model

The layout on show at Martin Mere Near Southport
(picture supplied by Steven Smith)

Another view of the layout at Martin Mere
(picture supplied by Steven Smith)

This page updated 22nd January 2015