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Hasselhoff is a HO scale tramway by Steven Smith who is currently the "Exhibition Manager" for the Heywood Model Railway Group. The model has seen many updates and enhancements since it was first displayed at one of the exhibitions at Holy Cross Bury in 2004.
It is seen below while attending the Skipton Exhibition during the August Bank Holiday weekend in 2007.

Steve has also started a "web presence" of his own about Hasselhoff and trams. visit http://stevesworldoftrams.webs.com/ to view it.

The full extent of the model seen on display at trhe Skipton Exhibition August 2007
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Looking at the model from its right hand side where again the full extent can be viewed.
Two trams at the station in the front centre of the layout.
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Close up view of the trams with the detail visable that incudes driver and passengers in the tram.
A closer view of the detail from the right hand side of the model.
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The model seen at the Hazel Grove exhibition in October 2007.
Here you can see the recent extension to the layout at the bottom left of the picture.
Seen at the November 2007 Worsely United Reform Church show. A closer look at the extension to the model.
More detail has been added since it was last exhibited at the Hazel Grove venue.
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The new updated right hand end of the model where worse for wear buildings have been replaced with newer and different ones.
This was taken at the "Mini" exhibition held at Middleton in September 2009.
Again at the "Mini" exhibition at Middleton a view of the left hand side of the layout.
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The latest small section inserted into the left hand side of the model.(November 2009)
This depicts a "canal scene" with some vagrants keeping warm with a large fire burning under the bridge.
A short video of approximately 1 minute showing the model in operation at Rochdale Fire Station Museum on Sunday the 5th of June 2011.
The video will display in a new window.
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Steve is a member of the Heywood Model Railway Group and his model is available for exhibitions.

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