00 gauge model being constructed by Brian Amis

Brian is currently a committee member of the Heywood Model Railway Group as "Treasurer"
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Lees: station and MPD
Lees is a small village approximately 2 miles east of Oldham and is where I have lived for the last 40+ years. Until 1965 there was a station and engine shed at Lees, being on the line from Oldham to Greenfield. The station on the layout is based on Delph Station (2 miles past Greenfield) and the MPD is a smaller version of Lees Shed as it was in 1955 after the roof had been replaced.
The layout is 5.4m long by 600mm wide, made up of 6 boards measuring 900mm x 600mm, and is constructed from 6mm ply strengthened with 38mm x 19mm softwood. The whole area is covered with the thin foam underlay used under laminate flooring. A 1.8m x 300mm fiddle yard of 6 tracks is bolted to the side of the boards containing the shed.
Construction started in January 2014.The backscene will be cantilevered and bolted onto the rear of the baseboards. Buildings are to be a mixture of kits and scratchbuilt. Control will be DCC; two bus bars run the length of the layout using the joining bolts between the baseboards. Each length of track is connected to these bus bars. Points are operated by Peco point motors mounted underneath the baseboards.

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The start of the layouts constuction with all boards made and the basic track installed.
A view of the recently constructed "Fiddle Yard" and the tracks that will form the Loco Shed end of the layout
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A view showing the under board wiring.
Goods shed built from two Metcalf kits joined together and then covered with plasticard.
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Further progress on the goods shed that now has a roof and out building attached.
The retaining wall that divides the viewing area from the fiddle yard section.
The brewery created from Metcalfe Kits.
The area where the main road at St Johns Bridge passes over the railway by the Inn. Another Metcalfe model.
Thhe coaling stage where full wagons are shunted up to have the coal droped ito a loco tender below.
Also another area where coal wagons are unloaded. This time by dropping the coal into lorries waiting under the shutes.
A 5 road locoshed is being constructed from scratch here using timber and plywood..
Showing the exit from the scenic area into the fiddle yard hidden behind the retaining wall.
Loco shed end
This end of the layout will include Gas St bridge which is still in existance
a model of the actual station building at Delph will be placed here in due course.
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More pictures will appear here as this model develops

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