Rossendale 40D
(Dave's Sheds)
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Taken at the Heywood Model Railway Group Exhibition at Holy Cross. A view looking to the left hand end of the model with Ashplant and Coaling tower both visible.
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The Coaling Plant built by by Ken Ball from Macclesfield club.
Ken was also commissioned to build the "Ash Plant" that can be seen in the picture opposite top left.
This view is taken before the completion of the final back-scene and a computer generated one has been used to enhance visibility of the structure.
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The right hand end of the layout with the water tower in the centre and just visible are the large loco shed buildings.
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The full extent of the model can be seen here being shown at the 2002 Heywood Model Railway Group Exhibition
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Looking down on the turntable and Coaling Plant. Some of the the track plan can be seen in this view.
Again this view was taken before the completion of the model and much of the scenery has yet to be installed before it comes up to "Exhibition Standard"
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A view of the turntable with the diesel tanks and re-fueling depot to be seen in the foreground.
Dave has been a member of the Heywood Model Railway Group for several years and decided to put his collection of steam locomotives to use at home. The most suitable thing seemed to be the construction of a model of Loco sheds around the period of the late Fifties.

After a few months of continuous work on the model it was finally got ready just in time for it's first exhibition at Holy Cross in Bury (March 2002). Many favourable comments were made about the model by both fellow exhibitors and vistors to the exhibition resulting in
Dave receiving more bookings for this layout.
The original control panel has been re-built following some extensions to the track work. Idealy now it needs some of the old "Insulfrog" points replacing with "Electrofrog" ones to aid the slow running.
After completion of this project it is planned to set up a Garden Layout to which this MPD layout can be linked when the British climate allows.

As mentioned above, some of the often used points at the back of the model have now been replaced using the electrofrog variety. At the same time the track has been leveled and curves adjusted to remove a couple of over-tight bends.
This has made a great improvement to running on this part of the layout.
Dave now plans to continue the exercise and replace some of those on the front sections as well.

Webmaster comment:- A very commendable first model by Dave who has produced a first class layout which should see many more exhibition appearances in the future.

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