Rochwood was sold at our 2012 Exhibition.
Below are some of the pictures taken over the life of the layout.

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A view showing the whole front of the layout.
This was during the 2002 Exhibition at Holy Cross College in Bury
Another view showing most of the layout at the 2002 Exhibition. This time the viaduct and goods sidings can be seen. In the background is Les contemplating which train to send out next.
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A view looking under the viaduct arch and up the valley to the road bridge. This is at the left hand end of the layout.
The change to the right hand end of the layout showing the the "Sewage works" that will be a feature of this corner.
The filter beds have revolving sprays that rotate slowly but we have not yet found a way to simulate the "Smells". (Well not permanently anyway!!)
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The new passing loops can be seen here looking from the right of the layout.
These will improve the operation of the layout by allowing goods trains to be easily changed on the inner track and loco swaps to be carried out on the outer circuit.
The following pictures are from the Skipton Exhibition August Bank Holiday 2007.
Here some of the Monday operating team can be see concentrating hard on keeping the trains running.
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A close up of the signal box at the right hand end of the layout. The end of the station platform can just be made out with a "Micky Mouse" class 2 loco at the end of the headshunt.
The left hand end of the layout where a 4MT tank loco is leaving the shed to take the head of a train. The goods sidings are also visible towards the rear with a "Green Godess" fire engine on the road behind the fencing. The local Fire Brigade must have been on strike???
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The "off scene" area of the model showing the storage sidings at the rear. This view was taken when the layout attended the November 2007 Worsely United Reform Church show.
There are 14 storage roads and they are all split into 2 parts so if all trains were short ones then a total of 28 could be accommodated in the sidings.
In practice a mixture of full length and short trains are used at exhibitions so there is normaly around 20 trains available for running.
Rochwood seen here on display at Martin Mere Wild Fowl Centre near Southport.
The model was invited to take part in an "Arts and Crafts" show at the centre.
As is obvious from the faces of the visitors and the layout operators, everyone enjoyed themselves during the event.
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Click on the image to the left to start a short video.
The video shows one of the members locos and coaches arriving at the station and then departing over the viaduct into the tunnel

Rochwood served the club well for over 15 years when it was first created as a 10ft x 8ft layout intended for a garage. It was soon extended to 20ft x 10.5ft and then further upgraded with passing loops at the station and a greater capacity storage sidings.
With the coming of DCC it was made capable of running from either Analogue control or DCC. Eventualy it was decided to offer it for sale at our 2012 exhibition and then build a replacement of similar size as the clubs steam / green diesel layout.

5th April 2012