Sandy Lane

Sandy Lane was a large 0 gauge round and round layout that was donated to us by Todmorden Model Railway Society when it closed down. Unfortunately it proved to be just too large to have fully assembled in our then club rooms at Champness Hall in Rochdale. If we wanted to do any work on it that necessitated it to be fully erected then we had to hire the larger hall in our building for a night or so. This was not a good situation and after it had attended two of our own exhibitions it was mothballed for a couple of years. Eventually one of our club members who was moving away from the area to larger premises offered to purchase it from us.

Some pictures of the model in its fully erected form are shown below.

Having completed much of the work needed to update the model it is now seen here on the first occasion that it has all been assembled together. It is too large for us to keep it fully assembled in our club rooms.
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The right hand end of the model showing the signal box and an "Ivatt" tank loco standing on a siding.

Looking along the front of the layout from the right hand side.
The station area is in the far distance.
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The sidings at the right hand end of the layout between the Signal Box and the Water Tower.

The photos above were all taken with the layout set up in the hired room at Champness Hall on the first occasion that we could "Test" the running of the layout with it all assembled.

This page updated 1st September 2010