Technical Topics

It is intended to have this page linking to items of a technical nature that may help readers to find out how to do something or even overcome a particular problem that is difficult to solve.
As items become available they will be published here and a link placed below.

An Electrically Operated Uncoupler for 00 gauge

3Way point and a Diode Matrix

How to wire a "Reversing Loop"

Route selection using a Diode Matrix

Beefed up CDU for Multiple point operation

Pulse Control Unit for improved slow speed control

A Home made Rolling road

Stages in the building of an 0 gauge Jubilee loco "Prince Rupert"

Motorising a Peco 00 Turntable

Starting with DCC

Low cost layout leg adjusters

Stopping the SVdA fault on Prodigy Advance2

This page updated 6th July 2012