Manchester Childrens Hospital
Thomas Layout

Layout almost finished The almost finished layout with just some more scenery to be added along with the starter button that will let it run for about 3 or 4 minutes with two trains running in opposite directions.
The layout being set up by three members of the group. Setting up at the hospital
Delivered on time> All set up and ready to run in the waiting room.
The three club members who delivered the layout , a young patient about to go into surgery and two of the hospital nurses are seen in this view.

The hospital layout came about when we had a "Mini" exhibition at the Middleton Community Training Rooms in September 2009. Our own popular Thomas layout was spotted by a member of the Rotary Club and we were approached to see if we could do something similar for the new Manchester Childrens Hospital.
Funding for the project was raised by donations at events where our own Thomas layout was set up and from the Greater Manchester Community Foundation.
Work started in earnest when we had moved to our new premises in September 2010 with the layout finally being delivered to the hospital on Saturday the 11th of December.
I nice Christmas present for them.

This page updated 16th December 2010