Triptan Fell

This layout was sold on the 11th of September 2010
Although this was a superb model with magnificent buildings and scenery, it proved very difficult to take to exhibitions due to the fact that the baseboard design did not facilitate making end boards to crate it for travelling. As a consequence of this it was suffering damage whenever it was taken out to exhibitions.
Reluctantly it was decided to offer it for sale to be used as a fixed layout for which it would be ideally suited.

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Plan of the layout

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January 2008 and much work has now been done on the high level station. It still requires the platform on the left of the picture extending onto the near baseboard but most other scenic work is now completed.

Looking from the front left of the model. Station, Signal Box and part of the viaduct can be seen.
In the foreground is the branch line and canal that pass close by the Triptan Fell Inn.
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Overall view showing the canal lock with overbridge. Behind that is the Triptan fell Inn and the viaduct. Signal box and main line station building is also visible top left.

The view looking along the track with the viaduct in the foreground. On the left is the "Triptan Fell Inn" and both the upper and lower stations can be seen in the distance.
Some cleaning up is required as debris from the flock used in doing the scenery is clearly visible in the picture.
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Looking down the canal as if from a passing barge. The branch line is visible in the foreground.
Looking down on Triptan Fell Inn from the left of the layout with the viaduct, road, canal and branch line all in view.
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Looking down the right hand side of the layout where the main lines enter the tunnel to reach the storage sidings.
The ruined farm is scratch built from a photograph taken of the real thing on a road out of Oldham.
The backscene is still to be completed on this part of the model.
The harbour and lower station (Lakeside) looking from the left hand end of the layout.
This is now virtualy finished with the ferry in view as it docks at the jetty.
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March 2008. The far left of the layout showing the turntable and loco shed. This picture replaces an earlier one where the goods shed had been left with its corner overhanging the turntable.
Again on the far left of the layout the final details are being added with a scratch built church on the hill top.
Church detail
Details of the Church and grounds
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March 2008 The goods shed located on the left hand corner of the layout. This is one of the last sections of the layout to be completed.

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